RDC, Ghaziabad



Welcome to Big Boyz Lounge in RDC, Ghaziabad

Welcome to the newly opened Big Boyz Lounge in RDC Ghaziabad! We’ve completely redone the place, creating a wonderful new atmosphere that’s sure to impress. At Big Boyz Lounge, we’re excited to offer a fantastic eating experience. Our talented chefs are experts at making amazing vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes from all sorts of cuisines. Our menu has everything from tasty starters to delicious main dishes and incredible desserts, all made to delight your taste buds. As you enjoy our great food, you’ll also love the lively music we play. It’s carefully selected to add excitement and fun to your visit. Whether you’re here for a fun night out with friends or a special event, our music creates the perfect vibe for a memorable time.